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offer 169 -
pine plantation with new colonial mansion on 440 hectare rural property, Uruguay


neo-colonial Estancia & forestation
Uruguay north-eastern

440 hectare / 1087 acre

asking : current status and asking price, see main listings page

consists mostly of a pine plantation, 400.000 trees Taeda y Ellioti varieties (Parish, Louisiana, US origin) planted 2001-2002, 18000m as of March 2010, with 8% annual growth (would equal annual gross revenue of US$800.000 and net return of above US$200.000), all owners estimates, some open rangeland for currently 200 cattle, 10 horses (included in sale), Coneat = 90

Casco/Mansion built since 2002 in neo colonial style, designed for being a guest estancia or private residence, forming courtyard with pool and very extensive galleries, latin style, roughly 10x bedroom, 10x bathroom, correspondingly halls, dining, livings, study, 1.040m total. Barn, garage
All furniture included, plus a variety of vintage cars and carriages. Gravel road at gate, paved road at 3 km, Montevideo at 320 km.

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