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offer 136 -
Historic Estancia / cattle ranch for sale, 10 km from seaside / beach, Canelones, Uruguay

Venta de Campo - vende Estancia historica maritima

sale historic Estancia Uruguay
casco historico
casco interior
casco historico

a historic bridge of an old, dis-used railwayline crosses property and river

136) historic estancia
close to seaside Uruguay Canelones

389 hectar / 961 acre

asking :
please see listings residential & tourism mainpage

land, apt as pasture land (sheep, cattle, horses) or forestaion
4 km river bank that flows into the Atlantic ocean at 10 km distance

historic casco estancia, roughly 10x rooms, u-shaped forming a courtyard with Aljibe (cistern) dating maybe from the 1870's, interior probably being rather modest. 1x further 2xbedroom residence
lifestock instalations, small fraction of eucalyptus plantation, 17x fenced subdivisions
paved coastal main highway at 6 km, village at 3 km, Montevideo at 60-80 km, Punta del Este at 60-80 km

well located to Montevideo, Punta del Este, close to the beach (within horseriding distance), that combined with the nature and scenery and the nice old casco makes it appropriate for a tourist estancia, or a private estancia maritima